virus hpv lây qua đường nào

HPV stands for papillomavirus in humans. it’s a particularly common virus. There are about 100 sorts of HPV which affect various parts of the body.

About 30 sorts of HPV can affect the genitals — including the vulva, vagina, cervix, penis and scrotum — also because of the rectum and anus. Of these, approximately 14 types are considered “high risk” for causing cervical cancer.

Certain HPV strains can cause changes within the cervix cells, a condition referred to as cervical dysplasia. Dysplasia can reach cervical cancer if not treated. HPV is that the commonest explanation for cervical cancer.

But simply because a lady has HPV or cervical dysplasia doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s getting to get cervical cancer.

HPV also does not cause symptoms. The most common symptom when they do occur is warts in the genital area. Infection signs can appear weeks, months, or even years after the person is infected with the virus.

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