Polly Gillespie plastic surgery

Polly Gillespie plastic surgery: Pauline ‘Polly’ Gillespie has been hosting the ZM Morning Crew radio show alongside her husband Grant Kereama for over 20 years.

The funny lady also spends tons of your time interviewing international celebrities around the world, and is currently writing a book about ‘the many and varied imperfections of being a lady .’

Polly Gillespie's definition of humility is a little different ...

Different water, temperatures and time zones as she travels have an impression on her skin and hair. Polly says the flipside is that it also gives her a chance to buy beauty products that we don’t really get in New Zealand, like SKII or Sephora.

A makeup artist once told me never to get permanent makeup, because over a lifetime the face changes so much that you never know where it’s going to end up! I would never do that on my own, because I always notice how serious it can look to other women, but I never judge people if they want to tattoo their makeup.

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