How to grow pole beans

How to grow pole beans: Fresh, crisp beans are summer treats that are easy to grow in most climates. Beans could also be pole or bush; however, growing pole beans allows the gardener to maximise planting space.

Planting pole beans also ensures an extended crop period and should surrender to 3 times as many beans because of the bush varieties. Pole beans require some training onto a pole or trellis, but this makes them easier to reap and therefore the graceful flowering vines add dimensional interest to the kitchen garden.

How Plant, Grow, and Harvest Beans

When to Plant Pole Beans Weather is a crucial consideration when planting pole beans. Beans don’t transplant well and do best when directly sown into the garden. Sow the seeds when soil temperatures are around 60 F. (16 C.), and therefore the ambient air has warmed to a minimum of equivalent temperature. Most varieties require 60 to 70 days to first harvest and are normally harvested a minimum of five times during the season. Read More

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