How to fix stale bread

How to fix stale bread: If you have ever let a loaf of bread get so stale that it won’t even make decent croutons, you recognize that shameful feeling that comes with throwing it out. Be ashamed no longer: This life-changing (we really mean that) tip for reviving stale bread is so effective, we will not believe we hadn’t discovered it sooner. Here’s how to save your next loaf that’s going south.

  • Be Sad; Your Bread Has Gone Stale
    Let’s get one thing straight: Bread that’s gotten mouldy is beyond repair. So sad. Compost it and advance. But if your loaf has just gotten a touch crusty and hard, there’s hope. Read on.
  • Stick the Bread Under Water
    This step might sound terrifying initially but stick with us. activate a faucet of running water—either hot or cold will do—and stick that loaf of bread right thereunder. attempt to position it, therefore, the exposed or cut-side is facing faraway from the tap, but if the loaf’s interior gets wet, fear not. Food director Carla Music has performed this trick with a completely saturated loaf to great success. do not be timid; get the crust good and wet before proceeding.

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