How to fix heat damaged hair

How to fix heat damaged hair: Most curlies and collies love the flexibility of their natural tresses. Sleek chignons, voluminous twist outs, and bold Bantu knots are just a couple of of the vast styling options which will be easily achieved on textured hair. Some curlies also wish to wear it straight, but sporting this look is often detrimental if done too frequently or achieved improperly. Recently, NaturallyCurly community member Priyanka inquired about heat damage in our Q&A section.


Cleanse the hair
You do not want to fry product buildup, debris, oil, and dirt on your hair. Clarifying your hair is vital for the straightening process, so confirm to use your clarifying or moisturizing shampoo to start out the method off right!

Use a moisturizing protein treatment before and after
Yes, these do exist. For protein sensitive curlies their hair tends to become dry and hard after employing a protein treatment, but this will even be a result of how strong the protein treatment is. By using it before heat styling you’re helping to strengthen the hair for the method, and using it afterwards will rejuvenate your curls. Read More

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