How to fix car ac not blowing cold air

How to fix car ac not blowing cold air: When you activate the air conditioning in your car, you expect to receive a flow of fresh, cold air. However, that’s not always what happens. variety of various problems can prevent your AC from blowing cold air into the cabin, and a few are more serious than others.

Potential causes of hot air
As mentioned, there are many potential causes for your AC to blow warm or hot air into the cabin instead of cold, fresh air. These include:

Low Refrigerant: Low refrigerant will prevent your air conditioning from operating (the clutch won’t kick in and make the compressor cycle if the quantity of pressure within the system is off). this is often actually the only commonest problem for an AC to not blow cold. Low refrigerant can stem from variety of things, including leaks and failed components.

Bad Clutch Cycling Switch: If the clutch cycling switch has failed, then the electromagnetic clutch on the compressor won’t kick in, which suggests that the refrigerant can’t be pressurized and therefore the system won’t work. Read More

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