How to fix a failing marriage

How to fix a failing marriage: When you’re a child and dream of your “happily ever after,” your marriage might not end up that way. I mean, let’s face it – all of the world’s Disney films never, ever hint at the possibility that Cinderella and her Prince Charming will ever have issues, right?

Some of the causes of a broken marriage are presented here.

Everyone is saying relationships are tough and they take a lot of hard work. Okay, give it a shot. Everything worth having in this life takes effort, right? I mean, unless you win a lottery, without hard work you ‘re not going to become wealthy.

Relationships don’t change. You have to put your marriage to the test. If you’re not, and you’re too lazy to keep it alive, then it’ll die.

Many people are somewhat egotistical. But when it comes to a healthy marriage price, then it is an problem. You can not always be the first to position your needs. You must at least put the needs of your partner equal to – or before. Read More

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