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15 Excellent DIY Home Decor Ideas

Decorate your  home with ease. Engage in Do -It-Yourself projects that add lots of fun to your home.The best part is that it is easy and you would enjoy every bit of it. We present to you 15 excellent DIY home decor ideas. Check it out   Floating Corner Shelves This great DIY project can give you a revamp of every room in your home and it is so nice. See details here Floating Corner Shelve Popsicle Stick Hexagon Shelf This is just the part 1 of the lovely craft you would love in the home. See details here...

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14 So Cool DIY HomeMade Scrub Recipes

Homemade recipes could be what you need especially in a clod dry winter weather. The cost less and do not contain those polluting plastic microbeads. The following are 14 DIY homemade scrub recipes that will blow your mind. Lavender Vanilla Sugar Scrub Just pamper yourself with this amazing recipe. It is natural and smells good. See details here Lavender Vanilla Sugar Scrub Green Tea Sugar and Body Scrub This recipe will give you the calmness and the burst of energy you desire. See details here Green Tea Sugar and Body Scrub Lime Mint Sugar Scrub This cool DIY idea...

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12 Genius DIY Organization Hacks

If you have ever tried to hack regular items in your home and didn’t succeed. Worry no more.Below are 12 genius DIY organization hack you can check out.   Power Steel Adjustable Tension Rod It is very easy to install and no drilling required. You can see the details here Power Steel Adjustable Tension Rod Kitchen Hack This is incredible. Here is a free kitchen hack for every squeeze bottle. See details here Kitchen Hack Slid Out Pantry You can build your own slide out pantry. It is easy and does not require much . See details here Slid Out Pantry Laundry Basket Organizer One of the best DIY in this category. Just make it and you will love it. See details here Laundry Basket Organizer Laundry Unit Progress This is just so good that it makes everything around well organized. See details here Laundry Unit Progress Trash Bag on a Roll No matter how organized you are, this idea will help you get better. See details here Trash Bag on a Roll Charging Station The best way to keep all your devices stored and well organized. See details here Charging Station DIY No Sewer Zipper Cases Sometimes you just have to organize and de-junk to get it right. See details here No Sewer Zipper Cases Screw Organizing This looks like nothing but it is very useful. One of...

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15 Must Try DIY Beauty Ideas

You must have heard enough beauty ideas but that does not mean you have seen them all. Here are some of our favorites that you can try at home.   Whipped Mango Body Butter If you want a silky smooth skin, then this is what you need to try out. So easy. See details here Mango Body Butter DIY Healthy Face Wash You can get 5 healthy face wash recipes suitable for every skin. See details here Healthy face Wash Lip Scrub Bring your lips back to life with your own DIY lip scrub with just some simple ingredients....

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