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10 Must Do Knitting DIYs

It’s winter and the perfect time to start knitting. We have compiled a cool list of knitting DIYs for you to indulge in. The Little Kitty Knitting Cap This cute little kitty version of the knit cap with whiskers is just likely to add to the cuteness of your little one. Try this nice little cap DIY to keep your darling warm and add some beauty all the way. Continue reading   The Stripped Baby Blanket If playing with colors is your thing, then this multi-color pattern of knitting a baby blanket is surely something you want to try....

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14 Must Do Sewing DIYs

For the sewing enthusiasts, this DIY post is going to be amazing. We have made up a cool list of easy to sew DIY items which are absolutely lovable!   The Functional Car Organizer An awesome organizer pouch sewn to perfection in no time using steps shown here! The bag is incredibly easy to make and very useful to stack up your pens, coins, specs and other essentials that you may need as you drive around. Continue reading   Funky Tote Bag The next time you find some spare pieces of cloth lying around, you might want to sew...

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10 Great DIY Bathroom Ideas

Some say the bathroom should be a place of comfort and should be the finest place in the home. Though this may be debatable but it does not take away the fact that there are some great DIY bathroom ideas you can key into and make your bathroom a place of comfort. Let us see Moroccan Fish Scales A popular tile that comes with a unique and charming allure, its versatility is so unique to the extent that it finds a way to fill up any size of space in your bathroom showers. To read the full details, click...

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11 Great Outdoor DIY Project

You don’t just have to sit in that comfort zone, there are a lot to explore outdoors and you know what? they are just fun. If you need some inspiration, check out these great outdoor DIY projects and you just won’t regret it. Jute String Lantern Great DIY project that does not cost you a fortune. All you need is scissors, mason jars and jute string. Here you go. See details here Jute String Lantern Simple Outdoor Bench Do you have an outdoor space? Then this is for you. Create a haven by constructing a simple outdoor bench. See...

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15 DIY Tables You Should Really make at Home

There is no doubt that homes can never be complete without tables. There are so much you can do to make your home stand out and they don’t really cost a fortune. I present to you 15 DIY tables you can make at home. DIY Piping Table This takes proper planning and concentration but trust me, it is something you can do easily. See details here DIY Piping Table DIY Farmhouse Table You can make a very decent farmhouse table out of woods. It does not require much stuff. See details here Farmhouse Table X-Console Table At first, it...

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