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10 Insanely Creative DIY String Lights

Insanely Creative DIY String Lights Light decorations are always been a part of our home decor. There are many ways you can follow to give them better look and theme by some simple twists. Here are 10 ideas that will help you to use string lights in a new mode.   #1: Cactus string Light Just using a wooden board and some painting on it, you can draw a tree shape design and decorate it with light. It will look stunning in your garden area as well as in home. Click for details here #2: String lights for ‘Patio’...

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10 Creative Pallet DIY Projects

10 Creative Pallet DIY Projects Nobody imagined once used majority for storage and shipping purposes, the wooden pallets will come handy for making some fantastic DIY projects. Here is a list of 10 DIY projects made out of pallets which not only can be soothing to the eyes but can be an eye catcher for the neighbors as well.   #1:  Above Ground Swimming Pool With Pallet Deck If someone wants to relax with his children, nothing can beat this low-budget pool made in style with wooden pallets. Find the guide to make it: Here #2: Coffee Cup Holder...

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10 Great DIY Curtains Tutorials

Great DIY Curtains Tutorials Curtains are the basic household thing in every house but, you can organize there simple curtains and give them an elegant look to boost your decor. Here are the list of 10 curtain tutorials that will help you to manage your curtains.   #1: Beautifully tied up curtain Tie artificial flower stem to the lock of curtain and give a stunning flowery look to your old plane curtain. Click for details here #2: Colorful curtains for office The plane office curtains can be replaced by new colorful ones because these colors can fill your mind...

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10 Excellent DIY Raised Garden Bed

Excellent DIY Raised Garden Bed Using garden beds is a better way to provide your plants a good soil quality with even better draining. They are quite easy to make and manage. These are 10 DIY Raised garden bed ideas that will help you in your gardening.   #1: Wooden Garden Bed These wooden garden beds give an easy way to access plants and add an eye- catching look to your garden. You can easily make them at home. Click for details here #2: Bed with wood squares This easy wooden sticks square design gives an amazing outline to...

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10 Excellent Mason Jar Crafts

Excellent Mason Jar Crafts Simple plan Jars can be used as a decor and they can gives a beautiful look to the area where placed. It can also be used as a container for little things. Here are 10 ideas that can give a n excellent transformation to your plan jars.     #1: Jar wrapped by Fishnet Even a simple jut- rope can be used to turn a plan jar into a stylish mason jar wrapped by fishnet for decoration. Also can be used to hold little items into it. Click for details here #2: Bathroom accessories holding...

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