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10 Shoe Hacks You Should Really Know About

10 shoe hacks you should really know Wearing the same shoe to every occasion may be quite boring. So we end up buying a fair pair of shoe. Even though we have such, we still need some more. By these simple hacks, you can make your old pair of shoe brand new ones and can show up to your friends.   Here are few such hacks. Toe shoe hack Simple hack to make your old pair brand new one. continue reading… continue reading… Waterproof your shoes In rainy and snowy seasons it is a bit difficult to manage your...

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10 Excellent Makeup Hacks

10 Excellent makeup hacks Everyone wants to look beautiful, who doesn’t? So here we provide some beautiful makeup hacks to make you look even much better.   Natural acne spot treatment homemade zit zapper Do not feel uncomfortable if you’ve to deal with acne. Removing them is not a big task when you follow this simple hack. Continue reading…. Homemade makeup removal wipes Every time carrying makeup removal wipes may seems tough. Sometimes you may forget to carry them or you may be out of them. When we go to remote areas we cannot get them easily there. So...

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