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11 DIY Necklace Tutorials

Jewellery is a weak point of almost all ladies out there.  Every girl is constantly on the hunt for new, creative, and crazy ways for style statement. Beading and jewelry designs have always been popular among the crafting community, but the past few years have seen DIY jewelry become bigger than ever. Some people assume that they need loads of expensive material or tons of patience to work with tiny pieces of material.  It may may be true for those that make fine and artisan jewelry. But here you will find simple ways to make beautiful necklaces that you can wear proudly.      ...

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14 DIYs for Teens

Looking for some cool DIY ideas for teens? Especially in the summertime, teenagers are always looking for fun things to make when they are bored or want to make some extra money. We put together these fun crafts that are easy and expensive, but still super cool and creative. Follow the step by step tutorials and learn how to make fun room decor, DIY gifts and clever accessories.   Follow Simple Tutotials given below.     1)High Fashion Mirror Frame DIY : This is an amazing DIY on hoe to make High Fashion Mirror Frame.This frame will brighten your  room....

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10 DIY Bag Tutorials

Are you looking for some free handbag and tote bag patterns and tutorials? Learn how to make a handbag or purse using any of these free bag patterns. You’ll love sewing your own bags and purses from DIY tote bags to free purse patterns and everything in between.   Just Follow the tutorial here. 1:How To Make A No Sew T-Shirt Tote Bag In 10 Minutes : If you want some no-sew ideas then Fortunately you are at the right place.These DIY take no more than 10 minutes from start to finish, and you’ll love how they will turn...

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11 DIY Wall Shelves

Shelving is a must. Really. Whether you need something for storage or you want to add a bit to your decor, shelves are the perfect solution.We have great collection of 11 DIY. They are frugal, easy, and will add beauty to your home. Take a few minutes and browse our collection. Then take a couple of hours and build your own shelves. You’ll be proud to display your DIY shelves and you’ll love the extra storage that they give you. Just follow the Tutorials here. 1:The Easiest DIY Industrial Shelving Tutorial: This easy DIY industrial shelving tutorial  helps free...

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10 DIY Blanket Ideas

Want Amazing ideas for what you can do with your blankets or how to make your own blankets very easily . We have some great ideas for you. Just follow the tutorials here.   1:DIY HOW TO MAKE Heart Blanket: This tutorial shows how to make beautiful heart blanket for your loved ones.just follow the simple steps and make your own heart blanket. Click here for details.   2:DIY HOW TO MAKE THE BEST BEACH BLANKET EVER: This tutorial will show you how to make best blanket for beach . Just follow the simple steps and get your own...

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