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17 Genius DIY Cleaning Projects

Cleaning your home can never get more easier and convenient ! Well if you have been lazy in getting stuff cleaned because it might seen too difficult, it is time to hustle up and get things cleaned. Because here i have collected some really genius cleaning hacks and tips that will really change of your life if you want.. So better get started and get your home cleaned like new .. 🙂     #1 DIY Glass Cleaner before starting your cleaning adventure how about making your own effectively working cleaner.. Yea you can make your very own best window...

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15 DIY Mothers Day Gifts Ideas

With mothers day around the corner i hope you have found right gift for your mom which is as special as her. If you did not then you can surely look into this list, some of the gift ideas are really easy and can be done in last minute   To view DIY gift ideas for mom just click the arrow button !     #1 Popsicle Stick Frames This is my favorite use popsicle sticks to make Photo frames, you can decorate sticks with washi tape or any other decorating paper Tutorial here: Popsicle Stick Frames     #2 DIY Mini...

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12 Genius Cleaning DIY hacks

Cleaning Hacks Get up to cleaning with these genius hacks, so you can get your home cleaned quickly and conveniently, using these simple tips you can also stay on top of it.   Use arrow keys to navigate to all ideas     #1 Clean your glass cooktop Clean your Glass cooktop quickly easily and using the right way You will need to sprinkle some dish wash soap and hydrogen peroxide then give it some wiping .. Full Details & Tutorial here     #2 How To Clean A Microwave Clean your microwave without using any harsh chemicals, you will just...

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