20 clever car cleaning hacks

Cleaning your car is quick and easy when you know these 20 clever car cleaning hacks!

DIY Car Upholstery Cleaner

Use a homemade car upholstery cleaning solution to help you tackle muddy mats. Details

Dealing With Dust

A can of compressed air makes short work of dusty air vents and other small services. Details

Shine your body with clay

Clay picks up the gunk on your car’s body while leaving a clean, shiny finish. Details

Use Coffee Filters For Dusting

Coffee filter is perfect for wiping car dashboards, the center console and other parts. Details

Cereal Container Trash Can

A plastic cereal container with a grocery bag and use it as an in-car trash can. Details

Car Cleaning Hacks

A Magic Eraser On Your Vinyl

Clean up your vinyl with a magic eraser, just like you would inside your home. Details

Car Cleaning Slime

Use it to pick up any dust and dirt in your car’s hard to reach. Details

Brush Dirt & Grime Out Using A Toothbrush

Gently brush the dirt and you’ll have a mess-free car seat. Details

Homemade Carpet Stain Remover

Homemade two ingredient carpet cleaner that is super effective and will leave your car smelling nice. Details

Condition Your Dashboard With Vaseline

Vaseline works wonderfully at conditioning the dashboard and giving it a nice shine. Details

Olive Oil Dashboard Polish

Just make sure to fully wipe off excess oil with your paper towels otherwise it’ll collect more dust. Details

Give your car a shiny look

Add 2 good squirts of hair conditioner to a bucket of tepid water and wash your car using a microfibre cloth.  Details

Remove Junk

Use an old toothbrush and some soapy water to remove all of the built up grime. Details

Get Rid Of Dead Bugs On Your Car

Those dead bugs on the front of your car never seem to be able to come off. Details

Clean Dust With Compressed Air

Use a can of compressed air to get rid of the dust in hard to reach places. Details

Pineapple Skins

Consider using pineapple skins to make your car smell a whole lot better. Details

Wax Your Car

Dust and dirt will lift away easily when you go through the wash. Details

Car Cleaning Hacks

Clean Cup Holders With A Sock

Just attaching an old sock to a travel cup and wetting it can be an easy way to clean them out. Details

Roll Up Seats

Roll up your seats and hunt for any spots you may have missed while cleaning. Details

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