19 Easy DIY craft projects

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Looking for some fun but inexpensive DIY ideas you can make on the cheap? Checkout a great selection of 19 DIY craft projects given below.

Captain Kirk Deskmate

Try making this cute deskmate form Felt with Love Designs! Details

Paper Plate Pumpkin Lacing Craft

A great idea to develop fine motor skills and concentration. Details

Clothespin Elephant Craft

The clothespins double up as the elephant’s legs as well as the rider. Details

Jumping Dolphin Paper Plate Craft

This cute and clever craft that uses two paper plates. Details

Farm Animal Counting Puzzle

Make the most of this love by using them to teach numbers! Details

Farm Animal Bowling Game

A little more ‘active’ fun with farm animals. Details

 Paper Plate Boat Craft

A little more interactive by attaching a rod or magnet. Details

Pipe Cleaner Dream Catcher

All you need are basic craft supplies and of course, feathers! Details

Hold on to the good dreams and let go of the bad ones with these DIY Dream Catchers! Easy and pretty projects that are perfect for World Dream Day.

DIY Llama Piggy Banks

Upcycle a plain wooden piggy bank into something that has so much more character and color. Details

Heat Sensitive Color Changing Slime

Make slime which changes color related to the temperature. Details


Simply cut a piece of fabric for the flag and watercolour paper for the sail. Details

Watermelon Soap

Break out the essential oils to give these super-cute fruit soaps. Details

Ice Cream Necklace

Because ice cream is on their mind 24/7 from June through August. Details

Farm Animal Finger Puppets

A great solution to beat traveling boredom. Details

DIY Princess Wands

So simple to make, Perfect for birthday parties. Details


Simply turned egg cartons and paper into a pretty flower crown perfect for celebrating. Details

Paper Boat Craft

These paper boats may not float, but a great craft to make! Details


Unicorn Slime Recipes is one of the best past times is to play with slime. Details

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