18 DIY back to school projects

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Ready for school? Try some awesome 18 DIY projects for teens & kids to make creative crafts and stuff for back to school.

Beautified File Cabinet

With just some paint and stencils, you can give even the saddest cabinet a makeover. Details

Craft Caddy

Caddy that can move from room to room and also be easily stored. Details

Streamlined Junk Drawer

Keep the dishes from sliding with a nonslip drawer liner made out of an old yoga mat. Details

Desk Extension

Expand your work space with just a shelf and a few taps of a hammer. Details

Splattered Watercolor Notebook

Have your name written across the front. Details

Confetti Pencils

Give old-school yellow No. 2 pencils a refresh with candy button-inspired dots. Details

Beaded Backpack Tags

Flashback to the good old days of hunting down the coolest keychains for your backpack. Details

Rainbow Watercolor Backpack

Your kid’s backpack should match her personality. Details

Daisy Laptop Cover

Then head to the craft store and make your own! Details

Gradient Calendar

A calendar looks like wall art. Details

Floating Glitter Tumbler

So easy to make glittery tumbler in no time. Details

Glitter Pencil Cases

Your daughter will love these glittery, customizable pencil pouches. Details

Watermelon Corkboard

Great to do with your gal pals at your next slumber party. Details

Heart Pom-pom Bookmark

Adorable pom-pom bookmark’s with your kid for all of her friends. Details

Palm Leaf Pencil Pouch

This one’s for all the trendy teens out there. Details

Washi Tape Dry Erase Board

Dry erase board on your kid’s desk or in her locker for to-do lists. Details

French Fry Pencil Holder

They all take under 10 minutes to make. Details

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