18 adorable DIY crafts

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You and your kids going to love these awesome crafts. Try to make these 18 adorable DIY crafts this year.

Dot flower

This is craft is great for toddlers to make. Details

Egg Carton Tulip

Recycle some egg cartons into this craft. Details

Pinecone Tree Craft

This project is so easy to put together. Details

Sparkly Snowflake Ornament

Making snowflakes by cutting holes in paper. Details

Sugar Drawings

Customize these invisible paintings with different designs for every holiday. Details

Monster Party Hats

Make these hilarious monster party hats in no time. Details

Rainbow Pumpkins

An impossibly easy craft for kids that you can display proudly. Details

Paper Plate Apple Tree with Newspaper Leaves

Your preschooler can easily complete most of this craft on their own. Details

Three-dimensional Paper Apple Trees

All you need is paper rolls, paper, paint and a tool for stamping. Details

Disney decorations

Some really cool and fun Disney Halloween decorations. Details

Halloween Mantel Decorating Ideas

Here are best Halloween Mantel Decorating Ideas that will give your Halloweeen decoration a new dimension. Details

90 Halloween Mantel Decorating Ideas that will spruce up your Fireplace setting - Hike n Dip

Sparkling Pumpkin

These glittery pumpkins are elegant when showcased on a chic, white plate. Details

Foliage Mobile

This mobile mimics fluttering foliage minus the raking. Details

Beach Sculptures

Comb the shores with your children to gather supplies for your own spectacular beach sculptures. Details


Kids love getting creative, and love when you pull out the paint on a rainy day. Details


This sticky spider web activity is perfect for indoor play and can be created in any doorway. Details


Kids busy for hours with this awesome winging Nerf target DIY project. Details


These darling reindeer lollipops make great gifts. Details

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