14 best DIY summer craft ideas

Looking for ideas for your creative summer? Give your kids hours of fun all summer with these creative summer crafts. Checkout the given 14 best DIY summer craft ideas that will definitely love by your kids.

1. Classic Coffee Filter Butterflies

These coffee filter butterflies are such a classic craft love this and easy to make. Details

2. Summer Sensory Play

Set the kids up with individual trays of corn starch, water, and washable paint.  Details

4. Bug Sensory Bin

Toddler absolutely loves bugs, They loves to play with them. Details

5. Flower Canning Pretend Play

Jars filled right up with plums, sticking them in boxes. Details


Loved making all of the different elements, taping, wrapping, sewing, beading, painting and pom-pom making. Details

7. Mason Jar Pineapple

Fun to make and this would be a great gift idea for teachers and school staff. Details


So fun and inexpensive and the possibilities of things you can create are endless. Details

9. Trolls Mason Jars

Planning a Trolls party, then these princess poppy Trolls mason jars will surely be a best for you. Details

10. Potato Masher Crabs

A fun potato masher craft to make adorable crabs, a great summertime craft. Details

11. DIY Chalk Paint

Shadow art is a fun way to get kids outside learning and flexing their creative muscles. Details

12. Sidewalk Chalk

A classic summer pastime and mix up a batch of your own colorful DIY sidewalk chalk. Details

13. Name Art Rainbows

A gorgeous and totally unique name art rainbow. Details

14. Soapsicles

Use with old popsicle molds and make these beautiful soapsicles. Details

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