12 Genius DIY Organization Hacks

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DIY No Sewer Zipper Cases

Sometimes you just have to organize and de-junk to get it right. See details here

We’ve been doing a bit more organizing and de-junking this summer and my kids have a lot of little items.  You know — tiny legos, itty bitty Polly Pockets, those little rubber bands for the Rainbow Loom, crayons, etc.  And since all of those small pieces need a little container of some kind to keep …

No Sewer Zipper Cases


Screw Organizing

This looks like nothing but it is very useful. One of the best ideas. See details here


Screw Organizing

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I have recommendation for you hopefully you might find useful. It is one of the most useful things i have encountered recently. It is a kind of holder which prevents detergent leakages, which used to be a big mess .. you can see this gadget here

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